How to Prusik Up a Rope & Change to Abseil?

If you are new or need to revise how to prusik up a rope and change to abseil,
then this is the right course for you.


Hi! Welcome to this e-course: How to Prusik Up a Rope and Change to Abseil? This course is specially designed to assist and enhance your learning process of this rope ascend/ descend technique. This intermediate skill is highly relevant if you:

  • Regularly teach abseil programmes
  • Climb multi-pitch walls
  • Conduct high ropes challenge courses
  • Work as a rope access personnel
  • Are an arborist.

You’ll be learning how to prusik up a rope and change to abseil in the following courses:

(If you are residing in Singapore or South-East Asia, you can enrol yourself in the SMF-certified Abseiling Courses to be taught first hand this intermediate abseil manoeuvre. Contact me if you need qualified trainers to conduct a class for you.)

* Important note: This e-course does not replace the physical course which you need to learn on site wherever you are. Avoid practising the skills alone. This is meant to supplement your learning. If you cannot find a trainer, feel free to contact me and I’ll do my best to help you out.

single payment of $15.00